Saturday, January 26, 2013

...from my back deck...

...we had a little bit of snow we're cozying up inside with fires in the fireplaces...lots of knitting and reading...and lots of hot chocolate...

~Wishing you a lovely warm weekend...


  1. Thanks for giving me credit for your love of hot chocolate. You know I always make potatoe soup when it snows, a later tradition than the chocolate.. We haven't had any this year. MOM

  2. grey. but pretty.
    perfect for cozying up. :)

  3. brrrr....hopefully you will have the warm-up in the middle of the week for a brief respite. i look at devils lake weather occasionally still since it's saved on my screen....they have negative 17 forecast for the HIGH on

    love, k

  4. Our snow has melted - thank goodness.

    How different fron North Dakota!

  5. In 1976 when I had my first baby, my beloved Margaret, in the hospital at 10pm the nurses came round with hot milk and one could have the milk, hot chocolate, Ovaltine or Bournvita.

    Days long gone!