Thursday, February 21, 2013

...Bathroom Paint... back to our regularly scheduled remodeling project...
...after we got the walls sanded and the floor level...we went over the walls with a damp cloth... was time to we started with the trim...being very careful not to get any paint on the oak trim that will face the hallway...the Man and I both grew up in 60's houses with wooden doors like these...and I don't think that any of the doors in either home were painted... painting the inside of this door white is a novelty for us...there wasn't much trim...just around the door...we'll do the wooden baseboards later...
...then we did the cut in work...painting around the sink and the newly painted such a small room there was not a lot of that either...
...then just a quick job with the roller...and instead of cleaning everything I wrapped the roller and brushes in plastic and put them in a zip-lock bag in the we'll be doing a 2nd coat tomorrow...
...all done...the colour is a very pale green Sherwin Williams 'Sprout'...
...and the trim actually took a lot more paint to cover the oak than I would have thought...this is 4 coats of white over varnished oak... you have painted doors?...

~Have a lovely day!


  1. Looking good! We have some painted doors and others are unpainted

  2. It's looking better already!

    I have painted doors (white in my bathrooms. They came that way. My front door is solid oak and is still natural.

  3. that's a lovely color; I've been thinking of painting my half bath a sage green. Upstairs the trim isn't painted but downstairs it's painted. that's what it was when we moved here and we've kept it that way. if I had my way, I'd never paint wood.

  4. no painted doors in our house . . .
    i love your green! it's very pretty. :)

  5. We have all wood doors (stained) in our house. I love that color green. Green is one of my favorite colors.
    I just read your comment on my blog and can't believe you know where Olha and Rossburn are! What a small world. :)

  6. Love the green.

    In our old "up north" house, that was built in 1929, we had beautiful local heart pine doors and the owner between us and the originals painted the inside of the bathroom doors white to match the trim. I had a love hate relationship with it, but when we repainted the bathroom we ended up leaving it, because we were terrified to strip the whole door and not have it match the others!

  7. Light green is perfect for bathrooms, indoor gardens, and living rooms. It evokes a presence of life. Brown and green are good bathroom hues. The earthy hues will definitely make you feel relaxed and calm. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing this!

    Christin Rexrode