Thursday, July 04, 2013

...featured today at the Vegetarian Clearinghouse...

Happy Independence Day!
...Affectioknit is featured today at a brand new blog that collects and showcases vegetarian and vegan recipes...The Vegetarian Clearinghouse...

...the blog's tagline reads:

free vegetarian & vegan recipes from all over the web - brand new site - follow our daily progress!

...Amanda has it set up like a recipe box with tabs and if you click on a tab there's already a bunch of's going to be so much fun seeing the new recipes get filed each day...but she also does awesome cookbook reviews too...

...I hope you'll check out The Vegetarian Clearinghouse...I bet you'll find something delicious to try there...

~Have a lovely day!


  1. Your fame spreads - well deserved.

  2. I have just sent the link to my daughter Margaret who can't have any milk based products. When she was 11 the medics thought she might have a brain tumour and did a CAT scan which was clear. We could hardly believe it was something as simple as an allergy to milk.

    Margaret doesn't eat meat so this site will be so useful for her. Thank you.

  3. congratulations, Teresa...well done!

  4. That's so wonderful!! Congratulations!