Monday, June 16, 2014

...Father's Day...

...we had a typical Father's Day...with the possible exception that the Man had to work on his being a Sunday that would always be the case...
...he had cards...and presents...Scout got his Papa a nice new bucket and liner to hold all his tools...handy and tote-able...

...then we had a nice dinner out...(which is also sort of a present for me...hehe)...

~Have a lovely day...


  1. very nice....and love that comment about the dinner out being a pressie for you! haha

    love, k

  2. those bucket liners are so handy! great gift!

  3. We had a lovely father's day here. Our daughter came and took us out for lunch and our son sent a lovely email - he usually forgets as he lives in Australia.

    However, he is back in July and is going to live in Paris for two years.

  4. I do like the bucket liner.