Thursday, July 23, 2015

...model behavior...

...Scout has started a couple of's funny because it's probably been 5 years since he's done one...and now he has two in progress at the same time...and he still has boxes to unpack...but you've got to have priorities...right?...
...and as we always put our spare change into a jar...Scout wanted to take it to the bank like we did before we moved...we used to just take the jar and they would dump it into a machine that would count all the change and then deposit that amount into his savings really adds up...most times we take the jar it's between $35 and $ it's well worth the trouble...but our bank here does not have the Scout got all his spare change rolled up to deposit...

...what do you do with your spare change?...

~Have a lovely day!


  1. I have tried in the past to save change but it doesn't seem to work. Now I just spend it or put it into a charity collection box.

  2. i take mine to the state employees c.u. - they have a free machine!

    love, k

  3. Most grocery stores have the machine, but there is a cost unless you take store credit. MOM