Thursday, January 12, 2017

...winter bounty too...

...y'all are used to seeing the summer bounty that our neighbors are kind enough to share with us...
...but they do the same thing in the winter time too... of our neighbors brought us a big bag of turnips...I'm sure they're going to be delicious...
...and another one of our parishoners brough us a gallon bag of fresh pecans...and they are so much better than the ones you buy in a bag... soon as Scout saw the nuts on the counter...he asked if he could make some candied pecans...

...what produce bounty have you given or received lately?

~Have a lovely day!


  1. Turnips and pecans are surely a welcome addition to your winter meals (and sweet snacks). I almost feel like they are given to me, but I actually pay $5.00 for a 25 lb box of tomatoes and I use them for everything and give away as much as I can.
    It's not produce but Denise keeps me in free eggs. They are so fresh and good. MOM

  2. Glad to hear from you my friend! Hopefully, I will be more of a presence and I am looking forward to reading your blog again. You always have great recipes and helpful hints! Happy New Year!

  3. There is a mobile green grocery shop run by Dan the Vege Man. Very important service he provides for people. Every Tuesday he arrives at about 2pm and this week he had a lot of tomatoes that wouldn't keep and I got a large bag very cheaply and they have helped make three meals.

  4. hmmmm, SOMEBODY gave me some pecans!! you're a lucky duck!

    love, k

  5. My friends and I worked a deal last week where we traded some or our sunchokes for some of their rutabaga. It was fantastic. Huzzah for fresh winter veg!

    The pecans would be a real treat!! Candied, especially!