Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bok Choy Coleslaw

I put some Bok Choy leaves in some soup I made the other day - the recipe called for Swiss Chard - but they didn't have any at the grocery store and I was surprised that they had Bok Choy - but I bought a bunch and it was really good in the soup...

...being my frugal self - I didn't want to throw away those stems after I put the leaves in the soup... I used my handy-dandy chopper and simply chopped them up with a handful of raisins - they were so juicy and cabbage-y that I didn't even add anything else...

Nope - just Bok Choy stems and raisins and it was really good!


  1. Good use of the bok choy. I use it a lot as we have it readily available here. I put it in soups and stir frys. I would not have thought to use it for coleslaw. Your mind is much more creative than mine, though some days I'm pleased with what I come up with, lol.

  2. sounds delicious, t! may have to try it, although i usually stir-fry mine and gobble them down with soya sauce and sesame oil...

  3. hey, i would have never thought of that combination! it's a veggie i see in the store sometimes, but never think to buy it. i've always used cabbage as a substitute in recipes....funny that you did the opposite!

    see you're not that cold right now - have fun! love, k

  4. Good idea for the bok choy - I like it's flavor much better than cabbage.