Sunday, January 10, 2010

Get Poppin'

One of our favorite family Christmas gifts - from Santa to the family - was a Cuisinart Popcorn Popper...
...We used to have a WhirlyPop - but for some reason we haven't seen it since we moved (5 years ago) hmmmm...
...and since we eschew all popcorn bags since we found out about the levels of perfluorooctanoic acid in the bags...
...we've been making our popcorn (almost nightly) the old-fashioned way - in a big pot...
...Santa thought he would make our lives a little easier with a new gadget...
...and we absolutely love it - we're still experimenting with some gourmet popping corn and all different kinds of toppings...


  1. We use an air popcorn popper - don't even own a microwave. This popper looks interesting - the kernels can't fly off everywhere!!

    Hope it tastes yummy :0)

  2. hey, i've still got mine - never use it.....did mom and daddy give them to us? can't remember. i don't even have "real" popcorn. of course, i used to keep a canister of it. i'll have to get back into that habit. love, k

  3. We eat our air popper popcorn every weekend. Nothing like it. Greg swears I married him because he made me air popped popcorn on our first date.


    P.S. I avoided the Pampered Chef chopper for years, but once I owned it, I used it A LOT. Especially when I'm chopping through a massive freezer recipe.

  4. Although I'm not a fan of popcorn (I know, I'm weird) it's my hubby and girls' favorite snack. And he also likes to make it the "old fashioned" way. This usually involves oil and a big dutch oven and flying kernels-- maybe we need this new gadget too.

  5. I have an air popcorn popper too but I like the look of that cuisinart popper. I'm glad u told us about the acid in the microwave popcorn bags cuz I do use those too though not often.

  6. Interesting Emily - popcorn and peanut butter are eaten here in the UK, but not that much.

    I read a blog by an American expat where other expats sometimes comment on how hard it is to find peanut butter in Continental Europe!

    We have 'family' presents, what I love is that by the time we open them I've forgotton what they are - surprise!!!

  7. That popper is perfect for you. The whirly-pop was from Eddie to everyone including me and I still have mine. Popcorn lasts a long time, I still have about a quart of the gallon you gave us when you lived in Balsam Grove. I guess I've been using the bags instead, but had run out a few weeks ago and popped some of yours in the whirly-pop and it was great. MOM

  8. Ooo cool! I might have to get that for my mom, she's an addict!