Friday, January 01, 2010

Shalom + Mods

I hope you enjoyed seeing the Making Merry series and some of our Christmas fun - it turns out that there were a few pictures of me wearing the Shalom in with all the Christmas photos...
...notice that I made long sleeves but they're sort of on the short side - I wanted them long and snug as I hate floppy sleeves getting in my way and I find that if they touch my wrists they sort of bother me and I keep pushing them up - that's one of the beauties of hand-knits - you can make them exactly how you want...

Affectioknit's Shalom Mods

At Row 20 I did (M1 K3)

At Row 32 I did (M1 K3) and ended up with 183 stitches which I divided as follows:

RF - 26 RS - 36 B - 59 LS - 36 and LF - 26

Then I knit the fronts and back separately as I didn't have a circular needle and that was too many stitches on my straights...

So for each front I cast on an additional 7 stitches = 33 sts.

I cast on an additional 7 stitches at each end of the back and worked the back and the fronts from rows 47 to row 106 without any shaping - then sewed the side seams and I did stuff all of those stitches onto my straight needles for the final 9 rows of garter stitch.

Then I went back and picked up the sleeve stitches and cast on 7 stitches at each end for a total of 50 stitches and I decreased one stitch at each end every 6 rows in stockinette until 36 stitches remained and then I knit straight in st st until row 115 and then did 9 rows of garter stitch and cast off.


  1. Looks great on you! I've been thinking about knitting that one myself but for some reason I never thought to add longer sleeves, I might just have to borrow your idea :)

  2. that's very comfy looking...glad you can make things that are suited to you! love, k

  3. it looks great and suits you well!

  4. You sure did a good job with that sweater. It looks perfect for you. MOM

  5. Sweater looks great! I have the same issue with sleeves. I wish I could knot :-))) Happy New Year!

  6. So beautiful on you! Thanks for posting up the mods, I am really thinking about making one too now!

  7. Great idea with the sleeves.

  8. that looks great! well done!

  9. That is beautiful! I wish I could knit like that (all I can do it a scarf haha)

  10. I love this sweater. I've been looking at it all morning and then I come over here and here it is again.

    I love that you added sleeves.

    I am just learning to knit on the round, so maybe one day I can make this too.