Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ortho again...

...we've been to the orthodontist again - 90 miles away - the Man drove - the snow was bad - but I still got a lot of knitting done...

...the appliance is OUT - Scout is thrilled - he has a 6 week or so respite before the actual braces go on...but I don't think the braces are going to be as bad as that bar across the roof of his mouth...


  1. Jaw resection, chin resection, 2 years of braces, 9 pins holding my face together for the past 20 years (gasp! where did the time go)...TOTALLY worth it. Totally. Every last ounce of it...worth it.

    Best wishes to Scout.

  2. My hubby had braces for years...I sympathize with Scout's journey. Maybe he'll get some cool colored rubber bands!

  3. yay! i'm sure robert would be able to feel for him! but that 90 mile trip sounds tedious! gotta do, what ya, gotta, k

  4. Hurray for Scout getting the appliance out; I know braces aren't fun though.
    Glad you got there and back safely!