Friday, October 07, 2011

...the last of the 10 milers...

The scouts met after school on a blustery day to complete the final 10 mile only the 20 mile hike remains...

...funny picture of me adjusting my backpack...we're practicing for another big backpacking trip... a map with the Assistant of the requirements of the Merit Badge is to plan the trip and to use a map and compass... even though this hike only involves 4 laps around a 2 1/2 mile loop of the bike path...they still had to do the proper planning...

...heading out... was a pretty easy hike...and their fastest yet...which they attributed to no hills...HA!...hills in North Dakota...are about as scarce as trees...

...just horsing around and taking a break at the water truck...we stress the importance of staying hydrated on the hikes...

...the boys decided that this was the best route and they want to do their 20 mile hike here in the park as well...seems pretty boring to me...but I don't get a vote...I thought a nice 10 mile hike out to the lake would be a good idea...have a picnic lunch there and then hike back...but it appears that it will be 8 laps around the park...funny boys...


  1. You must be in amazing shape!! Congrats on all the great fall hiking.

  2. Great job ;) Good luck on the twenty miles! Boys are weird, that is really all you can say!

  3. Boys are interesting. Congrats on the hike!

  4. i vote that boys are both weird and interesting....and funny and nasty and sweet.

    i just try to remember the sweet part for my 21 and 22 yr old boys! love, k

  5. I can understand the appeal of doing the circuits, hope you all enjoy the 20.

  6. I think you look so cute in that funny picture. :) Woot woot for the awesome hike!