Wednesday, October 26, 2011

...Prairie Fire...

...this is not a wildfire...but a carefully watched ditch burning fire...all of the roadsides and ditches have to be really well cleaned up to prevent drifts...even a small patch of tall grass will cause the snow to pile up on the road...

...we had a little bit of snow mixed with rain last you know it's time to get ready for winter...


  1. So beautiful. I grew up with the ditch burning and I miss it. Where I live now we don't hardly get any snow. I miss that too.

  2. It doesn't seem five minutes since we were preparing for last winter!

    We are starting to build up a store cupboard - just in case! You have to remember that 12 inches of snow brings my part of the world to its knees!!

  3. burning . . . i burned our garbage the other day and i almost started a MAJOR fire. ahhhhhh! i thought i had all the dry leaves raked far enough away and a large enough spot of bare dirt . . . not quite. i had maddie and isaac bringing me buckets of water to douse what i couldn't rake away. it was pretty exciting!

    but really? do we have to get ready for winter? i'm still trying to reconcile myself to fall . . .

  4. Winter seems right around the corner here as well ~ we have had a fire in the woodstove for the past week and have plans to finish up all the winterizing chores this weekend.