Monday, December 08, 2008


Our Sunday School children spent the afternoon shopping for Christmas presents for the needy. The Man-Cub had a 17 year old male and a 9 year old female - all we knew were their ages and sizes. We had so much fun shopping for these young people and then wrapping their presents.
Here's the wrapping party at the church...
The Man-Cub is still a pretty sloppy wrapper - but an enthusiastic one!
Here are all the presents 'neath the Narhex tree at the church...

You can see how happy all our children were to buy and give these gifts - what you can't see is what this will mean to some boy or girl on Christmas morning... Perhaps it will be a little boy or girl…
Who has resigned themselves to the idea…
That they will be getting NOTHING this Christmas.

ONLY… to awake…
to a Fine Gift…
Chosen just especially for them…
By one of our Children…


  1. how sweet - that's a good experience for everyone involved.

    love, k

  2. Very nice of you all for that Christmas project. I'm sure they will enjoy their presents. E

  3. Thanks Mom and Karen - it was a lot of fun!



  4. It is nice to expose children to this idea so that they will grow up to be giving adults.

  5. What a lovely lesson for all those young people, giving to someone else!