Thursday, December 11, 2008

Seeds of Kindness

The theme for this month's Pack meeting was 'Seeds of Kindness'. We did a food drive and all of the boys brought non-perishables to the meeting. My den was on for the skit - and we just did a couple of silly run-ons.

This one where the boys all roll around on the floor and someone comes in and asks 'what on earth are you doing?' and they all sit up and shout - 'haven't you ever seen a good turn before!'

The Man-Cub proudly receives his Activity Pins from Webelos Camp - Outdoorsman, Forester, and Naturalist - we waited until all of the boys completed the pins so they could all receive them together...

Then each scout made a bird feeder and got a baggy of seeds - so they could all be kind to the birds...
I had done this before with the Man-Cub and it was such a simple and fun craft that we decided to do it with the Pack - Instructions here...

Here's the finished feeder on our snow covered picnic table...


  1. wow, you're working hard up to the end! do the boys move on to scouts in feb like they do down here?

    have fun while it lasts! love, k

  2. Hey K,

    Yep - we'll have the arrow of light ceremony at the Blue and Gold - and then they will officially be Boy Scouts - YAY!



  3. You reminded me I was going to do peanut butter birdseed covered pinecones with the kids. Although I couldnt find many. Guess Toast will have to do.

  4. What are you going to do when you are no longer a scoutmaster? Oh, I know. Knit and read. E

  5. That feeder looks fantastic. Too bad we have too many squirrels around here. The birds don't stand a chance unless the squirrels can't get to it!