Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bridget'sAPP State Afghan

Can you tell what I've been up to from this picture?...

...just let me say that it's my least favorite part of any project...

...I sure had a lot of threads to weave in on this one - I am really happy with the knitted in logo - even if it did have way more threads to weave in than the embroidered version...

It was all worth it - and I hope Bridget loves her afghan and gets a lot of use out of it at university - it's cold in them thar mountains...


  1. that is really cool - you are such a wonderful auntie!! end of an era, though....i suspect it's the last one you'll make for this generation of niece's and nephews....we'll look forward to scout's!!

    love, k

  2. Very nice, and I hate weaving in ends too!

  3. Great Job. I know Bridget will love it. Logo is especially neat. E

  4. love it!! i also hate completing the end part!