Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Opening Day

Well, the pool opened on June 1st - and we didn't go because it was too cold - only about 64 degrees - they actually have a cutoff for temperature - if it's not above 65 they don't open - but it was close and it was opening day - still we didn't go...

...then for several days after that the pool didn't open because it really was too cold...

Finally - it's warmed up into the 70s and we spent a nice day at the pool with one of Scout's best friends...


  1. brrr....i could use some of that cool air right now!!! love, k

  2. Pool days were so much fun when I was a kid.

  3. p.s. love your new banner!

  4. The water looks beautiful, was it cold?

    I love the new blog header too. The photo on the bike with the socks is so cute.