Friday, September 18, 2009

Another Boy Birthday...

Scout had another friend birthday and he chose one of his favorite games as the gift...

...such a simple game - but it can give literally hours of enjoyment...

...I can remember playing Mancala for the first time with my nephew E when he was even younger than Scout... if you're looking for a boy birthday gift - Mancala is a great choice...

PS - it was my first time - not his and he won every game...


  1. Not just boys! I loved this game as a child & still pull it out on occasion. It's great for math skills, but is simple enough that even little kids can play (but if they're too little, they'll get bored)

  2. Yeah! I always enjoyed this game. Good choice for a gift!

  3. When I was teaching sixth grade, I would occasionally reward my class with a "game day". Each student could bring a favorite game to play, and Mancala was always a popular one!

  4. I've never ever seen this game. Is it easy to play?

  5. I have never played it.