Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Let It Be

Scout got his 'appliance' installed yesterday - but he won't allow any photos...

...I wanted a photo of him 'in the chair' but he nixed that as well - he's adjusting well - plenty of wax is involved - and soft foods - and he talks funny - I sent his teachers emails asking them not to call on him to read for a few days...

...so since I have no photos of his mouth - I'll share one of my surreptitious videos of him playing the piano - it's early in the morning and he's still in his pajamas - but he had probably lain awake thinking about this song (we had watched the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on PBS and Paul McCartney and Billy Joel had played 'Let It Be') and right now that's how he's working the piano - he'll hear a song and then spend hours figuring out the tune (gotta love that)...

...a little shaky and slow - but I think he's got it - he saw (or sensed) me right at the end - looked around and said 'I wish you wouldn't do that'...


  1. How cool! My husband had the appliance as well, it does get easier.

  2. you're a mean momma! makin' him get stuff installed in his mouth and stealth videos....yep, mean!

    love, k

  3. He sure is growing up. Hope the appliance isn't too much a problem for him. The piano thing is neat, too. MOM

  4. Your son is very smart and talented. You must one proud mama :-)