Thursday, June 10, 2010

Peonies and Ants

Someone from the Church told me that Peonies and Ants have a symbiotic relationship - the peonies need the ants to help open the dense flowers...

...and the flowers produce a special nectar just for the ants...I find symbiosis fascinating...

...that you can't go from this... this...without a little help from some friendly ants...

...these peonies are at the Church and must be moved for the construction...several people 'volunteered' to take a plant or two...I hope they all thrive in their new locations...and maybe the new owners will bring back a few cuttings when the building is finished...


  1. Oh those are gorgeous! I love peonies. I carried white ones in my wedding bouquet.

  2. Very beautiful peonies. Good idea to have some return when work is finished. MOM

  3. I love peonies, In a neighbours garden there is one with huge, pale pink flowers, lovely.

    I have small colonies of ants and blackflies in symbiosis, the blackflies supplying sugary secretions that the ants love. They are on the stems of my anemones.

  4. I have heard about that symbiotic relationship too. Peonies have become one of my favorite flowers. I don't think I saw one until I was 27 for some reason and I grew up in the south. We have a lot in our yard. I just wish they would last longer. Here's hoping the peonies do well in their new home and that a few make it back to their old church home too.
    Angela - Peachcoglo

  5. yes, very pretty!!!

    i paged forward to the camping post....and i saw a LOT of photos that I didn't originally see.

    i think there's something up with my computer....

    see ya soon , love, k

  6. How interesting. I enjoy learning things like that. Looks as if your container gardens are coming along nicely... fun to follow along here. Can't wait to see those tomatoes!