Saturday, November 27, 2010

...A perfect tree...

...that's what we went looking for...

...and we found ours...

...'course it's different for everyone...the perfect tree is...some like long needles...some short...some blue...and then there's the height to consider...

...ours was a tiny bit too we had to trim it up a bit...

...and put the star on first instead of last...

...but now it's perfect...

...what about you...what's the perfect tree for you?...


  1. You chose a really perfectly shaped, full tree!

    I so miss having a live tree but with our small space and woodstove it is just too dangerous so we go with a small artificial tabletop variety.

    Enjoy the decorating :0)

  2. how fun! we are looking forward to going out and finding our tree next weekend. this will be the first time in two years that we'll be able to get a real tree! :)

  3. What a beautiful, full tree!

    We used to cut ours down when the kids were little, so much fun!


  4. I just wish we were back to "real" trees. When Sara was a baby and we were exhausted, we got a fake one. Maybe next year? It's up, the girls really "got" what we were doing, and when we finished, Sara squealed, "Where is Baby Jesus?! We NEED to put out Baby Jesus!"....that was a great ending!
    I wish we had the big lights like you have. I used to have which move were they lost?!

  5. Beautiful! Since we have a wee apartment, our perfect tree is a tiny table top model :)

  6. That is a perfect tree. I like the idea of the topper first. Have fun with the rest of the decorations. MOM

  7. We are trying to decide what the perfect tree is for us. For the past 6 years we have been using a fake tree for our little house to save money but I am now sick of it and want the real tree again.

    There are so many tree farms around here too and we could get a gorgeous fresh real tree.

  8. Anonymous7:58 PM

    We go for a sparse Blue Spruce with a spindle ornament on top and German candle lights. We also wait until a week or two before the holiday because we like to leave it up later--for my Dad's birthday. :)

  9. Oh i love it! Ours was a bit imperfect as well. I liked the thinner trees but my husband wanted our tree to fill the front window (which is not very big anyway) But we found one anyway.

  10. We've got ours (and I so love the "getting" part!) but I haven't put my post up, yet.
    Hopefully sometime today! :)

  11. Lovely tree! Perfect for us is a wild Colorado mountains tree. When we lived there, we would take the old Jeep up into the mountains and pay $10 to the forest service to cut one down. We would take some hot chocolate, hike through the woods and find 'the one.' Since we no longer live there it isn't possible and no one will sell a tree that looked as sparse and wind-blown as those trees did! This year we are looking for an artificial, maybe a silver tinsel tree. Kinda the opposite of our dream tree, huh?!?!?