Friday, November 26, 2010

Welcome Haiku...

Harsh, white, biting wind,
blowing snow across the road,
Dakota winter

...Nature has been etching our windows again...beautifully...'s high - kinda chilly...

...we've got our tree and we'll be decorating tonight - now, we're just cozying up inside to the wonderful smell of fresh Balsam...Jack's booties have been repaired and we all bundled up for a nice long walk - he was so happy prancing around with his warm trotters...there's a nice big pot of potato soup on the stove and cornbread in the oven - after yesterday's feast, we're taking things a bit lighter today...

...hoping you all are warm and happy with friends and family and that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving...


  1. Perfect haiku. Even though it's warm here, I can imagine bitter cold.

  2. I love Haiku, yours expresses the frost patterns on the windows!

    Pathetically I can't work out low temperatures in F - only in C. We have low temps here at the moment wth snow threatened. Early for us!

  3. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Brrr. We had a we bit of snow on our Thanksgiving. Luckily we were all toasty inside, filling our bellies and feeling grateful for everything in our lives.

  4. That window etching is beautiful and perfect. Nature is a wonder.

  5. Love the haiku! Beautiful window pic too. Sounds like you are all keeping warm and cozy!