Thursday, October 25, 2012

...Green Bathroom Update...

...this is the tile we originally chose for the 'green' bathroom...again it was in stock at the local tile store and they only had a little again...we got a great's natural quartz...

...we've been laying them out on the kitchen floor to try and decide on a pattern...and since we've decided to go a different route with the 'green''s going to be pretty much all're going to repurpose these tiles for the half bath downstairs...

...and...I've got a lot of work to get done on the little downstairs bathroom before I can lay the I'd better go get busy...I'm thinking pale green on the walls...and a little green toile skirt for the little sink...a new toilet...of course...and a new yes...there's a lot to get done...

~Have a lovely day!


  1. What beautiful tile! And by green do you mean the color or that it is eco-friendly?

  2. Lovely tiles - such a tricky thing to do - choose tiles - because it's so final!

  3. I like the colour scheme.

  4. i really like those tiles! really like them!

    some day, i would love to take out our composite tub/shower and do tile - colors like yours. :)

  5. i love that tile! can't wait to see it all! love, k

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  7. Mom and Dad have been looking at heated bamboo floors. They currently have carpet that... well it MUST die.