Wednesday, October 31, 2012

...Hurricane Sandy and the Halloween Snow...

...this is what we woke up to when we got the automated call from Scout's school informing us that there would be no school...
...and a view from the front...we've probably got about 4 inches of snow here...
...but it's windy and the snow is still falling fast and heavy and wet...covering up all our Halloween decorations...
...a little bit later in the morning...snow still piling up...we've got about 6 inches now...
...and now the power is we lit the gas logs and made a cozy fire downstairs...
...Scout came out and shoveled the walkway...sweet boy...
...and sweeter still...he shoveled the neighbor's walkway as well...
...and then he built a snowman...
...with a Halloween pumpkin head...of course...

...I really didn't think I'd be asking this question...yet...from W.V. anyway...but...have you had your first snow yet?...

~Hoping you're all warm and dry and that Sandy has gone...Oh...and Happy Halloween!


  1. Oh my, that is a lot of snow! I am glad to see you have a fire to keep you warm and hopefully your power will be restored soon.
    Nope, no snow here, but I have already started wishing!

  2. staying warm here but it's been a test! we've had a couple of feet of snow with drifts of 3 feet. my friend, other end of the county, had drifts of 20 feet!

  3. That's one snowy scene. It's been a bad year for power outages for you this year. Hopefully power will soon be back on.

    Bright side - you have gas!

  4. Scout is a sweetie. That is a lot of Halloween snow. I hope your power is on soon! No snow here yet!

  5. yaay!! what fun! and that fire looks oh, so comfy. betcha curled up with a book and some tea! love, k

  6. Stay warm. I enjoyed seeing your beautiful snowy pictures. We had just a light dusting of snow last Friday here in Southern Colorado...

  7. Hello there old friend! I'm back from a very looong blog break and am so happy to see you are still here:-) I'm enjoying catching up with your blog, (my goodness you've been busy) and it looks like we may be neighbors now! We didn't get snow here, just on the line, but we could see it falling on the mountains, so so pretty! I hope your power is back soon, we were lucky this time but lost it for a week this summer from the derecho. Looking forward to catching up!

  8. first time in about 15 years it hasn't snowed on Halloween here! Passed our "luck" to some one else this year.

  9. Hope you are doing well now!

  10. well you beat us with the snow! hope you stay warm. thanks for the update!

  11. Snow, oh my! We didn't get any last year. The year before we were snowed in. I'm hoping to get some this year.