Tuesday, April 15, 2014

...3...(THREE)new posts over at The Vegan Version...

...I would say WOW!...but none of these were very difficult...

...so hop over to The Vegan Version and have a look...

...and have a lovely day!


  1. Beurre blanc sauce, my favourite, just so delicious. I also love canned peas - a vegetable I grew up with and the supermarket shelves in France are still full of them, they are much loved. When we go to France we stock up on wine, salt, and canned vegetables - peas, lentils, haricots and salsify. We did once try the canned brussell sprouts - but only the once!!!

  2. all neat - loved the turnips and potatoes. i tried that one time (because i just love, love, love me some turnips!) but all my boys nixed me ever doing that again. they even joke about it to this day! love,k