Saturday, April 12, 2014

...Fluffy Brown Rice...

...I used to have trouble cooking brown rice...(white rice cooks perfectly and quickly using Julia Child's method here)...

...but brown rice wasn't the needed more water and even if I increased the steaming time it was still I would add more water and cook it some more...and basically end up with mush...
...until I saw this basically cook it like pasta in a lot of boiling water...

...and then strain it...
...and voila...perfect tender (done) fluffly brown rice...

~Have a lovely day!


  1. I love brown rice and I cook it with a vegetable stock cube and I mix it with green cabbage when it's cooked. Delicious!

    Speaking of rice - loose link I know - I am reading 'A House in Pondicherry' by Lee Langley and so far I am enjoying it. It was a recommendation from Vintage Vixen a very sweet lady and lover of India.

  2. I hesitate to say but I thought Pondicherry was in Wales!

  3. Oh that's interesting. I've never seen brown rice cooked this way before. I just put mine in a rice cooker and add more water if needed. It always comes out just right.

  4. Your knitting looks gorgeous! I love to knit, too, and you're making me want to pull out my needles!

    Thank you for the link-back, too!

    Zsu @ Zsu's Vegan Pantry