Saturday, January 30, 2016

...This year's Amaryllis...

...this year's Amaryllis is doing so much better than last year's...I think that little second bulb offshoot he had going kept him from ever blooming...

...I left him with my neighbor in West Virginia when we hopefully he bloomed for her this year...
...but this year's Amaryllis is s sturdy little fellow...and he's almost too tall to stay on the kitchen counter anymore...and he'll definitely bloom as I can already see his little buds forming...

...How's your luck with Amaryllises (pl.??)?

~Have a lovely weekend!


  1. i have some bulbs i'm trying to force . . . so far, of the three, one has roots growing!
    (they are not amaryllis - they are another flower . . . )

  2. Interesting because mine have always bloomed and those I've given as gifts have bloomed. However, I was given a hyacinth to grow over water that failed, put it on soil and it has grown roots. Not holding out a lot of hope!

  3. Wow, yours is much bigger than mine! It has just started sprouting up out of the bulb now. Love, K