Tuesday, April 12, 2011

...Mud, Mud Glorious Mud...

My sweet blogging buddy Maureen sent me this sweet little poem...

...Scout would quite agree that...

...Mud...Mud...Glorious Mud...

...me too...it's so much fun (mind clearing really)...to don your wading boots and tramp through all that water and mud...

'Mud, mud, glorious mud
nothing quite like it for cooling the blood,
so follow me follow,
down to the hollow,
and there let us wallow
in glorious mud.'

...here's a cute version from YouTube...

...just a reminder that you really do have to be careful when searching youtube as I found some quite racy photos with this song as their background...

...on the quilting front...I have the final (12th) quilt all laid out...it's going to be quite a simple one with mostly strips instead of squares...I hope to finish it during my lunch hour today and head over to the Church this evening to tie the final bunch of quilts...


  1. :) Ah, mud season. You have to live somewhere rural to really enjoy it. ;) Thanks for sharing beautiful pics of what mud season can be like. (Idaho was often too dry to boast a real, long mud season.)

  2. We will have mud today and have big plans for mud pies and cupcakes. We have been blessed with much needed rain today that also brought cooler temperatures.

  3. Love the boots. I really want to get a pair of waders for such occasions!

  4. Despite the cute poem, I'm still not liking that mud. After all that gorgeous snow! x

  5. Oh I love that song. I have it on a children's CD. My kids would have a field day in all that mud.

  6. I love that poem; I recite it to Adeline whenever we're out in the mud puddles. Sadly, mud season is already over here in southern SD. I'm not complaining about the 70 degree weather, but I do miss the mud a little bit.

  7. Mud kind of goes along with the season and we've learned to embrace it here... well, sort of. I sure do have to vacuum and mop the floor more in April than any other month!

    Scout looks pleased to see the bare ground :)

  8. ah, cute! yes, i've seen some youtube stuff like that that is a bit "over the top!"

    the mud reminds me of a book that i'm finishing right now - "Salt" by Jeremy Page - it's a first novel - always a nice fresh look - a drama about a strange family that grew up in the "salt marshes" of England during/after WWII

    at least your mud dries out!! hopefully by june!

    love, k

  9. Love the pictures with Scout in the mud. That is a lot of water and mud. A lot of random, racy stuff does crop up on YouTube with little innocent searches. Thanks for the warning.