Thursday, April 28, 2011

Seed Swap

...what I got...

...from Cassie at Vegan Fox in the you can see - I really lucked out...I even got OKRA!...

...what I gave...

...the tomatoes are heirloom Rutgers (may favorite tomato)...just grown at the end of our front porch last year - they're easy to save - just mash up the seedy part of the tomato and let it dry...I'm definitely hoping for a proper garden this year...we'll see...

...and the basil is from the bush that grew at Nanny's kitchen door years ago...I labeled it Sweet Basil - but I'm not at all sure of the variety - I can, however, say that it is sweet...and here's a sweet article on how to save those seeds...

...Cassie's doing a Poetry Swap for May - so hop over and join the know how much I love poetry...Guess what poem I'll be sending...


  1. What a lovley idea - a seed swap! I got some Heartsease seeds that were 10 years old, three germinated and I love them!

  2. I love the idea of a seed swap. I will have to look for one now that I am about to dig into my own garden!

  3. A seed swap sounds like a lot of fun. My husband loves okra and planted two long rows this year. At least it's easy to put up!

  4. Now that sounds super fun-a seed swap!!

  5. Ah time for seed swapping :)

    I just love the picutres on the seed packets, a bit like postcards.

  6. A seed swap? What a brilliant idea. I feel as if it will never be garden time...this weather is so strange.

  7. Beautiful springtime swap. And you shared hand-collected seeds! (Squeal!)