Monday, April 11, 2011

LWR Quilt #11

I spent yesterday afternoon quilting...y'all probably already knew that...

...and I have another quilt to show for it...

...I like the blues in this one...we'll probably bind it with navy...

...I'll try and get one more done before tomorrow evening's final tying session at Church...we have a regular work night tonight and I'm pretty excited about it as we've included the silver polishing...I've always polished the silver right before Easter...and it will be so nice to have help and company tonight...other groups will be fixing little spackling dings in the walls and doing the touch up paint...hanging the Confirmand cabinets in the kitchen...just your regular ole Spring Cleaning Work Night at Church...

...I also have to do my share of bindings on the tied quilts...I've probably done the binding on about 2 dozen quilts already - maybe a few more...and I'll bring home at least 2 or 3 Tuesday night to bind before Sunday


  1. How do you bind so quickly? Mine takes forever by hand. Do you bind by hand or with a machine? Loving the blue.

  2. There is something very comforting about the thought of you all tidying up and polishing.

  3. How do you do so many!? I feel like you have a new one twice a day! You are truly a motivated woman! God bless our amazing efforts!

  4. Sweet! Good luck getting another quilt done for tonight.

  5. So many people in need of quilts, of comfort.

  6. You are so productive it's inspiring. It seems to take me forever just to finish one thing.