Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Friend to Knit With

The Man-Cub came up to me last night and asked me to teach him to knit. Imagine my surprise - I immediately got out my old needles - the blue ones - and the leftover Camo yarn - and showed him how to cast on 30 stitches. I showed him the basic knit stitch - we'll save purl for later and he caught on really quickly. I used to teach a knitting class at the Community College and none of my students caught on as quickly as the Man-Cub - age probably has something to do with it...

I was also 8 when I learned to knit...

...not bad for a beginner - this is his progress in one night - pretty soon he'll be saving preemie babies with little knit caps...


  1. How fantastic! His work is lovely, very even for a novice too, he must have a great teacher. What type of cast on did you teach him? When I have shown people how to knit the cast on always proves the worst.

  2. Yep the cast on was hard for him too and we'll have to practice it a few more times - you don't get a lot of practice with it on any project - it's the equivalent of the double cast on - but I don't teach it the same way (with the v of yarn over the thumb and forefinger) - I make a single loop - put the needle in the loop - then wrap the yarn around the needle and pass the loop over and tighten it all up - this creates an already knitted row. It's the way my Mom taught me to cast on when I was 8 - maybe she'll post what it's called if it's not called the double cast on.