Sunday, April 01, 2007

French Toast

There is a longstanding Palm Sunday tradition at our Church - that the Men's club (the Minute-Men - because they can be called into action in a minute - and have no regularly scheduled meetings) - serves a French Toast breakfast. French Toast being very non-vegan - I googled for a vegan recipe - and took my own version - I always like to look just like everyone else - thereby proving that you don't have to give up anything to be vegan -

This is the recipe I used:

I used Silk Light Vanilla - as I drank all of my soy nog (thanks Karen) at Christmas. It really was very good - next time I'll cut the cinnamon in half 'though.

My old hand-me-down griddle from Mom...


  1. Hey - I just now read all your posts for the past couple of days. Glad you're enjoying the tea - I had a smaller bag myself of some of the Chinese tea - and thought it was weird that the leaves were so big - much bigger than anything else I've ever used. A little to bland for me, I like my tea very dark and strong!

    And yes, the hair do-dad would not work on my big clump of hair. None of the hair accessories work on mine, just the "scrunchie" ties.

    Nothing much going on here - although we're heading to Ocracoke Friday for a long weekend with Sharon & Buddy & Pat and Diane. Should be nice but a little cool.

    Love, K

  2. I love Ocracoke - I even drew the lighthouse once - I should send it to you..


  3. hey - yes, why don't you scan it and sent it?

    we're staying in a house pretty close to the lighthouse - we had to get a dog-friendly place since both the other couples like to take their dogs....our dogs smell too bad and don't know what a leash is....

    love, k

  4. ok, "sent it" sounds pretty stupid...