Saturday, June 02, 2007


We've been having a rollercoaster ride with spring weather up here - but it was nice yesterday even though the meteorologists were calling for rain and thunderstorms all day - and we got a couple of ever-changing rainbows that lasted all evening. We watched them as the Man-Cub played outside.

Here are a couple of shots - it's the same rainbow.

The pool opened and we went for "family swim" - The water was really cold and the air temperature was 66 - fun-fun-fun - the Man-Cub met up with some friends from school and he really did have a good time - blue lips and all...


  1. and i always thought that mom was crazy when she swam in the cold pool water! brrrr

    love, k

  2. We have people who will not get in our pool at 80*. We have been enjoying it though. E

  3. Hey Mom and Karen - we NDians are so close to CA that we're like the people you see at the beach in October and November in the water who can't figure out why no one else is in the water...