Friday, June 01, 2007

Pass To Purple

The Man-Cub got his purple belt last night at Tae Kwon Do - YAY! He was so excited/nervous all day - but he did a great job and the instructors said he had a lot of spirit. He knew his Korean vocabulary and recited the Oath perfectly.

He broke his board with a step-turn-sidekick - the first time he's had to take his eyes off the board and then refocus and break it. It took a few tries but he finally kicked it...

Now the old blue belt resides with it's siblings on the belt rack in the Man-Cub's room.


  1. that's just cool! congrats to the man-cub!

  2. Good Job!! Belt display is neat. E

  3. The Man-Cub loves TKD - and you know that I like it because it rarely focuses on one being better than another. It's all about doing your personal best...