Thursday, May 31, 2007


I know I said earlier that we were having way too much fun in the kitchen - it's still a mess - there is a problem with the paint - not sticking to the primed walls - the new wall is fine - it's the existing walls that have the problem - the paint just sort of bubbles up and falls off - YUCK! So the Man is sanding them down to bare drywall and sometimes a little bit further - More Yuck!

So, we cleaned everything up and made tamales - the Man-Cub loved it - and you know what a Mexican food junkie I am. The filling was super easy - I just made a vegan batch of Nanny's Mexican Cornbread - we had little cakes of that too - and the 'meat' filling is just the Morninstar Farms strips chopped and mixed with salsa.


  1. hey - i hope you're planning on relaxing and enjoying your time away from the kitchen in a couple of weeks!! send me instructions on how to make garbage cookies vegan - i assume just carob chips and an egg substitute? (i'll have "goodies" at the eagle ceremony). see ya soon!

  2. YUM! You're right - it's easy to make anything (just about) vegan. I make a version on your garbage cookies all the time - the Man-Cub says they are the best cookies ever...

    Love ya,


  3. Tamales look delish! I love checking out what you are cooking, you always have such great ideas that aren't the same-old same-old vegan fare. Thanks for keeping us inspired out here!

  4. WOW those look super!!

  5. Thanks Patricia and Cass,