Monday, May 14, 2007

The Making of a Swimsuit

For some reason I can never find a swimsuit that I like...

So I decided to make one this year. I was a little bit daunted by the stretchy lycra fabric as I had never sewn with it before, but I read the directions, picked a pattern and bought exactly the sky blue lycra that I wanted. I nervously cut the fabric - there's something exciting about cutting fabric - you can't go back - it's almost a leap of faith - it's a little creative rush that you don't really get from knitting because you can always frog and redo.

I also didn't follow the cutting layout - I had no designs to match and it is 4 way stretch - so I folded over only enough material to cut on the fold and saved quite a bit of material that way. A trick I learned from my Mom...

These are the three pieces ready to be sewn together.

The finished suit. I still have to trim the loose threads.

It's a good thing I had extra material - because I'm going to make a longer top - this one does meet the bottom - but I want it to come down over the waist a couple of inches. I should have thought of it before I cut...


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