Saturday, May 26, 2007

Birthday Sweater or "the old grey sweater ain't what she used to be..."

Obviously, I couldn't post about this any sooner. This sweater has been through a lot - I've had the yarn since before the Man-Cub was born - always intended for a sweater for Karen - whose favorite color is green. This is a now discontinued color of Lustersheen called "spruce". I tried to get more from the company because I was afraid I would run out - but they didn't have any.

I started making this sweater after the first of the year http://cache. lionbrand. com/patterns/ kms-tankTop. html?noImages= 0- and finished the back and dropped the stitches - but they immediately slid together and I was not happy with the result. Maybe this yarn is too "slinky" for this pattern. So I ripped it all out and started over - this time I did Yarn-Over's instead of dropping the stitches and I like it a lot better.

This is the back blocked...

I hope it will be a nice cool replacement for the old grey sweater...

This is the finished sweater.

The present ready to go - The card has a funny story - it goes back and forth every year - inside it reads "save this card and send it back to me". So I followed those directions (it originally came to me) and then every year we send a proper card and then this one with just a note and the current year. Fun!

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  1. hey! sorry you had troubles to start with....turned out nice in the end! love, k