Friday, May 25, 2007

Sea Trek

The Man-Cub's teacher asked me to go along on a field trip to see a movie about sharks. So we bundled up and walked over to the facility - it was about 40 degrees and windy - brrr.... Isn't it almost JUNE!

It was so much more cool than a movie - it was a live telecomm link to a facility in Florida ( that studies sharks.

Our video feed back to them...

Our super-fun super-charged instructor was Kasey - originally from ND...

It really was a lot of fun and I think we all learned a lot about sharks. We played a Shark Fact vs. Shark Myth game.

...btw - that's a myth - sharks have excellent vision and they even have rods and cones like we do - for seeing color...


  1. hey that's pretty cool - imagine that, a person actually FROM N.D.!! I don't think I've ever actually met anyone from N.D. Really though, that's a pretty neat way to learn with the video feed. Would've never thought that possible when we were in school at Mills River Elem with the steam boiler heat, 15 foot ceilings and the janitor sweeping the hardwood floors with the PCB laden green "pellets"! Ah, those were the days! See ya soon! Love, K

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