Monday, May 07, 2007

Nephew's Afghan

I made this afghan out of yarn that my older brother purchased when we were backpacking together in High School - so, needless to say it is very old. The afghan was made before my nephew was born and was used when he was a baby. I can remember holding him (as a baby) wrapped in the blanket on the rust and blue colored patchwork sofa that the afghan matched so well - ah those were the days....

My brother put it in a plastic grocery bag and gave it back to me because it needed some repair.. Sadly, I have had it in the plastic grocery bag since I moved (2 years ago) and always intended to repair it. I also always intended to give my nephew an afghan when he went away to college, but I missed that date. So for his birthday this year - I got the afghan out and repaired it. I treated the stains and washed it a couple of times and boxed it up and sent it to him at his college address. I also sent a card with all the history of the blanket. I hope he enjoys it - again.

As good as new - well almost...

1 comment:

  1. The afghan looks really great, just like new, as you said. I'm sure Eddie will treasure it. E.