Tuesday, May 29, 2007


We were out walking with Jack late yesterday evening and I happened to have my camera with me - when we came upon this Jack Rabbit crouched down hiding from us. The Man-Cub saw him first - even Jack didn't see him. I knew I would have no time to fiddle with the settings and just turned the camera on and snapped the picture from where it was hanging around my neck - of course it was set to auto and the flash went off (making the bunny's eyes look funny) - and that of course scared him enough to bolt - and then I had my hands full with Jack trying to pursue.

The Man-Cub still calls them bunnies - even though they are nothing like the "bunnies" we had down south...


  1. He looks SCARY!! LOL

    Hey, we need to start a vegan knitting swap. :D

  2. I'll bet Jack did run after the rabbit. Looks like a ball of yarn with eyes. E