Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Almost Birthday

When we lived in SC, the Man-Cub went to a private school and they celebrated 1/2 birthdays for children whose birthdays fell during the summer months. So the Man-Cub's half birthday was in December - right before Christmas - a hectic time...

Here - they celebrate the June Birthdays in May - so today was the Man-Cub's Almost Birthday. He shares the day with another boy in his class - so we put both names on everything. It was a camouflage birthday party. I tried to round up a couple of canteens to pour the "punch" (invisible Koolaid) out of - but no luck - we don't have a camping supply store here - it really did look just like water. We don't have Koolaid often, but if we did I'd probably always get the invisible kind - no dyes = no stains = a good thing...

The Birthday Boys blow out their candles...


  1. hey, i don't see my posts for the past few days- i've left a post every day, i think. strange....i signed on with firefox hoping that fixes it. i.e. does some weird things over here - x's out control buttons and such. firefox doesn't seem to....i had said that i didn't know about the invisible kool-aid - they didn't have that "back in the day". wouldn't help with the sticky spots though, would it? happy 1/2 bday to the man-cub!

    I'm off to see the summer palace today - something like the biltmore house, i believe.

    love, k

  2. Hey, I can see your posts - not to my blog but I see all your pretty pictures - I've left you comments too. I hope you can see them.

    Have fun,