Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ham Seitan

I tried another seitan recipe - this one is from
A Vegan for Dinner - she describes it as 'stupendous' and it is very good - we've had it plain - sliced on sandwiches with veganaise - and shaved in the food processor and mixed with BBQ sauce on a bun - all very good.

I went out and bought a can of V-8 juice just so I could use the can for this recipe - lined it with parchment paper...

...and voila - a ham thingy...


  1. Anonymous2:38 PM

    MMmmm......Ham Thingy!

    Oh, can you share the tennis sock pattern? I really want to make more short socks for myself.


  2. hey - that actually looks pretty good - and since i can't eat ham - should be a neat thing for me to try. i'll post if i end up doing it. btw - it would work fine in a loaf pan?

    hay looks nice too - they bale in round bales on the airport here property also. strangely enough, they usually cut and bale in the same day - not like i remember them doing at home - didn't they cut one day, rake one day the bale the next - always worried about rain?

  3. Yep - they didn't do it all the same day here - but they raked and baled the same day...