Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sea Monkey Racetrack

The Man-Cub has had his Sea Monkeys since Christmas. They seem to be thriving. He ordered a Sea Monkey Racetrack from the package that the Sea Monkeys came in. It said allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. We marked it on the calendar (a couple of months ago) and at first he rushed to the mailbox every day - excited that it might be there. And every day he got a little bit more discouraged about the fact that it wasn't there. Finally, he stopped even asking about it...

So, imagine his surprise when he came home and found the package waiting for him - they should say 4 months not weeks, eh. He tore into it like Christmas morning...

...then he set up the track - mixed up the water ...

...put the sea monkies on their 'leash' - a little syringe thingy that sucks them up in some water so they don't get hurt...

...and put them in the race track - they really do swim up the little course - it was so much fun... can see one of the little guys right before the last flag...

...they even come with 'racing fuel' - which is food that entices them to swim faster to the end...


  1. hey that's neat - i had to look up sea-monkeys to find out about them. my kids never had them. love, k

  2. I'll have to do the same. Very interesting. E

  3. Hey - Sea Monkies are Brine Shrimp.



  4. Wow. I didn't think this product was still available? I must get one ASAP.

  5. Hi KLJ,

    Thanks for stopping by - we got it from the box the sea monkies came in - just remember it takes a long time to arrive...

  6. A little late here, but that's AMAZING that he received the race track. That kit has been out of production since the 70s! I'm a sea monkey collector and have never once heard of someone actually getting one through the catalog ordering today. I hope you still have it. It's actually worth money!

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