Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cornbread and Milk

Another thing that reminds me of Nanny - she would often have 'Cornbread and Milk' for supper - especially in the summertime - sometimes she would even use buttermilk - which I never liked...

This is just some leftover cornbread soaked in a little soymilk - with a sprinkle of salt and pepper (I get that from the Man - I never did it as a child) - I heat my cornbread up first and then pour the cold soymilk over it - and I get these little pockets of still warm mixed in with the cold - a nice contrast...


  1. You know Grandma still eats cornbread and milk (sometimes buttermilk) every night before she goes to bed. We like it too but seldom eat it. E

  2. weelll, i'm not too sure about the soymilk version! is there a soymilk buttermilk?? i'm glad you enjoy, i think i'll stick to the buttermilk! love, k