Monday, September 22, 2008

Hibiscus-for-Hope's Day Out

I wore my Hibiscus-for-Hope socks to the library/shopping/errand-running/biking on Saturday. I wore shorts even though it was a little bit chilly for shorts - just to show them off better - mine were a perfect match for khaki shorts and a white cotton top. Someone actually said 'I love your socks' - does it get any better? So of course I said 'Thank You - I knitted them myself' - and they were appropriately amazed...

So I told her about the pattern - - I don't think she knits but she could just make a donation too. I have already blogged about the pattern at my site and the Vegan Sock KAL site so now I have also emailed the link to my friend knitting friends...


  1. pretty vegan shoes also...wonder where they came from!! wish i could bike to run errands - i would get killed on the two lane road into town by the dump trucks and tractor-trailers....probably not eco-friendly to get killed!!

    love, k

  2. You are starting a new trend - SIP - socks in public. You are amazing non-knitters with the fact that people actually do still knit socks!

  3. They do look nice. I THOUGHT those were the birthday shoes!! E

  4. Thanks,

    I love my shoes and socks...