Friday, October 30, 2009

Cabin Fever - literally...

We're still stuck in the cabin nursing our aches and pains......these sweet visitors keep coming by outside...
...there was a flock of turkeys too - but apparently no one felt like taking a picture...
Scout and the Man are both well on their way to recovery - after about 3 days of fever - their temps began to moderate...
...mine - not so much...
...we did find a very nice doctor here who confirmed that we have the H1N1 variety of flu - the boys are recovering and I'm being treated for pneumonia....

...I've given up all hope of any hiking/sightseeing - the Man says he's well enough to drive home tomorrow (and if not we'll stop in Bismarck)...


  1. Hope you guys all feel better soon :)

  2. What a shame your vacation was not as planned. So glad you are all on your way to recovery. MOM

  3. Take care of yourself Teresa - sending you healing thoughts.

    My man sends you his healing thoughts as well.

  4. oh noooo!! a swine in my sis's body after all these years of "veganism"...sorry to make light of the situation - i do hope the blog is a bit behind and you're well on your way to 98.0 (since i know you run a bit cool usually!)

    take care of yourself! love, k

  5. hope you are all feeling better very soon!

  6. drat! sorry your vacation went like that! hope you are well and back home soon!

  7. Hope you find yourself on the mend soon!

  8. oh, goodness. what a bummer to be so sick on your vacation.

    what a lovely little cabin! my kiddos would be all about the loft, too!

    feel better, soon!

  9. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Oh my! I hope you guys are all feeling better by now! :(