Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sweater progress...

I've finished the front - and I'm checking for size - it seems just right!

...Karen requested the new sweater be about 1 inch longer than the old one...and it is...
........I love how the new yarn shows off the little seed stitch border...
.............and it's silky soft...

..................We're off for a week of Boy Scout Camp at Wilderness - so I should, fer sure, be able to get the stockinette stitch back done - just hoping it won't be too smoky smelling...Ha!


  1. It's looking very wearable!

    I'm pretty sure we call 'seed stitch' moss stitch. K1 P1 one row then P1 k1 the next?

  2. hey - you know i like a smokey smell - reminds me of my boy's scouting days! looks beautiful! love, k

  3. That is a very stylish vest... looks like a fun knit!

  4. That sweater is coming along beautifully! You are braver than I. If I camp, I get eaten alive by mosquitoes and end up with giant red welts everywhere-kind of a poison ivy reaction. Not cool! The best I can do is stay in a cabin with tight screens.

    Peace, Angela (Peach Coglo)

  5. it's looking great! congrats!

  6. How pretty!!! Can't wait to see more pics (trying to catch up on your posts now, I've been away for a little bit...)