Monday, September 27, 2010

Notebook Stencil Tutorial

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...Scout and I wanted to give the Man a new calendar/planner for his birthday - he always used to get a nice red one for free - but apparently they don't do that for the pastors anymore - and it had extra space for Sunday - a lot of planners just have tiny spaces for the weekend days as they think most people will do most of their 'planning' for the Mon-Fri work week - but pastors often do most of their planning for the weekend - Saturdays for weddings and such and Sundays for Church, of course...

...anywhooo - we found one at the dollar store and it was even red...and it has regular sized blocks with lines for Saturday and Sunday - and a blank block of 'Notes' beside Sunday each week - Perfect...

...we wanted to stencil this symbol from the ELW onto the cover in silver - so we copied it from the hymnal and taped it to a piece of Contac paper - I've had good luck with Freezer paper stencils - but didn't think I'd be able to iron the paper to the plastic cover of the planner..., using an exact-o knife - I cut through the paper and the Contac paper at the same time and lifted out the center of the design...

...then I stuck that to the notebook and 'spounced' some silver paint on...not quite as perfect a crisp line as with the freezer paper method - but certainly acceptable...

...the Man liked it a lot...


  1. That is truly lovely. I never understood the small weekend spaces either. Happy Birthday to the Man! Peace, Angela

  2. What a cool and thoughtful gift. I may have to steal it for my pastor father.

  3. That turned out so cool. What a pretty, thrifty gift.

  4. What a cool idea! It looks very nice and has the added bonus of being done especially for him.

    I've bought small diaries for everyone for Christmas. They are plain black or navy blue. I think this is a fantastic idea and I can personalise each one.

  5. cool - never thought about the fact that weekends are often the "lesser" of the days on calendars!

    love, k

  6. That's a really thoughtful gift!

  7. Great way to personalize something. Really looks good too--oh no I'm thinking of all kinds of uses for such a cool trick...

  8. This is wonderful! I love it, and I'm so glad you found a perfect planner. (I always wish my Sunday pages were bigger, to fit all the notes I gather at church from friends and lessons. I imagine a pastor needs that even more!)

  9. I love the spiffed up notebook! I think my pastor would love one...and so would my Sunday school teacher husband. Thank you for sharing the idea.