Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our Happy Jack

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...Scout managed to get a pretty good photo of Jack the other day...so I thought I'd share it here...generally Jack shies away from the camera...

...Look at his sweet little brown eyebrows -and all those whiskers - and his perky little ears - he really is such a sweetie - and we love everything about him...the way he tilts his head enquiringly - the way he prances and chases his ball - and then pounces on it - the way he curls up on the backs of the sofas (like a cat) - and the way he uses his forepaws like little hands - the way he can curl his tail and wag it...puppy love...


  1. ADORABLE!!!!!!! We are totally petless for the first time ever right now, and though it's good for us at the moment, I miss having a furry friend sometimes.

  2. Such a spiffy dog! I love the way Jack Russells have such 'doggy' faces - IYSWIM? They look like a 'proper dog'!

    My own boy is nestled by the side of me having given up trying to sit on my knee in competition with the laptop!

  3. i think you caught his essence in words! lovely.

    love, k

  4. How cute! Very nice pic, Scout must be proud. Give him some extra pets and tell him they came from all his web-admirers!

  5. Aw! Sweet puppy! We are in puppy love over here too!

  6. He is the cutest! I adore his brown eyes and little lively face. That is a great picture of Jack; congrats to Scout wonderfully capturing a moment that is not so easily captured.
    Peace, Angela