Monday, May 30, 2011

Scouting for Food...'s been a cold and rainy spring...

...and that combined with the fact that there was no coordinator for the Scouting for Food project...

...meant that we didn't get around to doing "Scouting for Food" until the end of May...

...but we did it...on a cold and rainy day...

...and it was still a lot of fun...and we got a car load of food for the needy...


  1. Our church does the same thing!
    We have had a hot, dry spring.
    Crazy since we are in the same country huh?

  2. A great and worthy thing to do! x

  3. Bellies will be warm because Scout was willing to be cold! I'm so grateful for people like you.

  4. That is great that you all still did it! Wonderful!