Thursday, August 25, 2011

...First Day of Eighth Grade...

...headed out...

...ARGHHH!...Scout is back in school...

...he's pretty excited about it...his last year at the middle school...


  1. Have fun! Our first day of 8th grade begins Sept. 7th. xx

  2. yaay, they grow up fast, don't they? love, k

  3. I have a daughter in 8th grade, and a son in 10th grade. I remember them gettin on the bus when they were so young, and giving me a kiss and hug, now that they are teens they say bye mom, and they skip the hug and kiss makes me sad sometimes and realize they are just gettin older, and thats that:)Boy how they have grown..

  4. 8th grade already?! Wasn't he just in elementary, playing in the school band? And did he get a lot taller over the summer? Wow. Hope he has a great year!

  5. When I was 12 and left my junior school I remember what Mr. Smith, the very wonderful teacher, said to us.

    He told us that we were at the top of our junior school and that we would move to the bottom of our senior schools. That this was the circle of life.

    I often remembered his words, so true of life.

    So Scout starts his year as the top of middle school. A wonderful time for him.

    Enjoy your year Scout.